Welcome to the Hajj People Knowledge Centre for Excellence

Hajj People is proud to be selected to develop the WHUC Awards – Research & Judging Criteria. Having worked closely with the industry leaders for more than 10 Years, Hajj People have developed a tacit insight into how the Hajj and Umrah industry functions.

The success markers of this industry are uniquely owed to Islamic values as Hajj & Umrah is a pivotal pillar of the Muslim articles of faith.

Our unique approach towards the WHUC Hajj & Umrah Excellence Awards takes into consideration that the success of the pilgrimages contributing factors can be divided into three distinct proponents; Social Contribution, Educational Contribution and Commercial Contribution.

Recognising the Hajj and Umrah Industry focus as Pilgrim First & Payment Second sector; classifies this industry as a social inventive sector and not a capitalist inventive sector. When surveying leading figures and decision makers from across all sectors in Hajj and Umrah, 93% of the responses recorded, stipulated our dedication is prioritised as for Allah’ pleasure first and for self-second.

Hajj & Umrah, with the advent of Ziyaarah classification of Madinah, are observed in Muslim exclusive zones. Religious segregation is mandated on the cities of Makkah & Madinah which limits the administration of the Pilgrimages, largely to a Muslim professed community of professionals.

Taking into consideration this framework of influences on the Hajj and Umrah industry and the guiding principles of the people that see to its day to day operation, we can confidently state that Award Values of recognition are required to be in-line with performances that holistically enhance, enrich and empower the Pilgrim and Pilgrimage performance alike.