Winning The WHUC Awards – Benefits

Outstanding work merits recognition and attention and the benefits go with them

In an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, it can be hard to stand out. In a modern era where social media reigns supreme and the quality of marketing content, design and advertising techniques are rampant; It is now truly difficult to judge genuine performance and credibility.

Your competition can easily copy your models, your products and services, they can run better marketing campaigns, creating a false image of excellence, whilst agencies who are sincerely committed to the craft are overlooked and marginalised. What your competition cannot copy is your DNA, the quality within each company’s leadership that creates a culture of excellence, where the results are not immediately known but soon come into fruition.

With the WHUC & Hajj People Excellence Awards, we measure facts and not hype, truth and not illusions. We do this by identifying how well your company performed against its own yardstick, how well you met your commitments and the expectations you set when taking commitments from Pilgrims. Whether you operate a five-star group or a two-star group, it is your integrity, values, perseverance and commitment being assessed by way or actual delivery. Our team of experts have devised a trademark formula in judging between Hajj and Umrah Companies that has created equal and fair opportunity for all to win.