Helping You Win The WHUC Awards

Free Consultancy Service For WHUC & Hajj People Members

Hajj People team of consultants are trained to assist nominees in achieving the recognition they deserve. For additional assistance in successfully navigating the WHUC Awards process, we will help you increase your chances of winning by advising you how to best comply with the qualifying requirements and criteria set by the WHUC Awards Board.

This service is FREE for all WHUC or Hajj People members and will cost non-members 100 GBP for additional support material and over the phone guidance.

Our consultants will help you articulate your statements and descriptions, that are required to describe why you deserve to be the winner or finalist at the WHUC Awards. We will guide you with greater focus on how to effectively have the 10% Pilgrim feedback that is required to qualify your nomination.

For European states we will advise you how to collect valuable feedback from your Pilgrims whilst being compliant with European GDPR Regulations.

Our consultants shall guide you as to how you need to engage with your Pilgrims to ensure they provide as fair, well balanced and accurate feedback as possible.

During the WHUC Events Ceremony your statistics of performance in each category will be illustrated before the values are aggregated giving the combined rating of your performance and standing. Our team will advise you and stress the importance of certain sections where feedback holds greater weight and value, providing you with insight with how you need to prepare yourself to get the best possible feedback.

Particular Assistance

  • Completing the Online Nomination Form
  • Working to complete the full awards process till you fulfill the stringent criteria
  • GDPR Data Collection & Storage Regulations
  • Advisory on how to get honest feedback from the Pilgrims’
  • Networking assistance during the WHUC Awards function in Jeddah (Premium Members Only)
  • Provide you with printable template forms for Pilgrims’ feedback
  • Assistance in writing your answers
  • Local language and translation support