Awarding Excellence
in Hajj & Umrah

At the Hajj People Awards we tell the story of a country’s contribution towards the Pilgrim’s journey. Each year thousands of Pilgrims perform the perfect Hajj and Umrah owed to the special efforts made by special people.

Teams of individuals belonging to social, commercial, educational, charitable, governmental and non-governmental backgrounds, institutes and entities; change the lives of people by simply upholding their responsibility to the highest of standards and with superb consistency.

Most often you will find the same nominees are the winning pedigree each year. However, with the Hajj People Awards, our judging criteria measures performances against past performance, recognising companies that have made the greatest improvements each year.

We also recognise Hajj and Umrah Travel Agencies who have scored the highest marks in meeting their Pilgrims expectations and commitments, a copyright research methodology whose application is exclusively authorised to Hajj People for its application in identifying winners, by the World Hajj and Umrah Convention Board of Directors.

The Hajj People Awards have syncronised with the Global WHUC Awards in Jeddah, integrating its results, being part and parcel of most prestigious Awards in the Hajj and Umrah Industry.

The Hajj People Awards are evaluated by judges local to the community and country, whereas recognition at the WHUC Hajj and Umrah Excellence Awards is determined by a panel of industry acclaimed judges and experts from across the globe including Saudi Authorities.

It is a pre-requisite to achieve the WHUC Awards, Hajj and Umrah Agencies have to be nominated through and achieve success in the Hajj People Awards.