Hajj People – Always Enhancing the Pilgrims Experience

Hajj People is overjoyed, as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary across our six offices in London, Jeddah, Islamabad, Jakarta, Abuja and Dubai. Established in 2009 as a pioneering British Research and Enterprise Company specialising in Hajj & Umrah; we have gained recognition as being the most impactful company in the Hajj and Umrah Industry.

To deliver upon the founder’s vision and mission, Hajj People has developed six dedicated divisions including Events, Consultancy, Trade & Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Research-Reports with Training & Development with Corporate Social Responsibly. Our approach has enabled the company to provide 360 solutions to social, commercial and educational entities globally.

We are proud to have supported the industries progress, inspiring decision makers, creating better connectivity and development of knowledge platforms. Over the past decade Hajj People has pioneered the development of Mobily, ZAIN and STC international distribution channels- servicing millions of Pilgrims, PPMDC – Saudi Bin Laden operated Hajj Terminal in Jeddah, Jabal Omar, Fly Nas international destinations, advisory to Hajj Missions, Associations, Consulates, Social Welfare Organiation’s Educational Institutes, Royals, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, Saudi Entertainment Authority, Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, contributing to the Vision 2030 programme, organiser’s of five World Hajj and Umrah Conventions, founders of the WHUC Hajj and Umrah Excellence Awards and so much more.

It is an exciting and promising company with great potential. Over the course of the next decade Hajj People shall evolve once again, travelling leaps and bounds gearing towards offering high-tech and valuable services to support Hajj and Umrah professionals in reaching levels of excellence that were never thought possible before.

Our consistency is our greatest strength, engaged in research and analysis helps us to forecast trends and to help the industry navigate the unknown, finding solutions to problems before that reality encroaches. Hajj People has its strengths and its limitations and we are grateful to be able to recognise the strengths of other aspiring organisations and form valuable relationships with them to help them provide the solutions we cannot and vice-a-versa.

Hajj People are passionate about Saudi Arabia, the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimages and shall continue to respectfully contribute our efforts for the betterment of the Pilgrims privilege.