Excellence Amongst the Hajj and Umrah Industry

With an excess of 19 million performing Umrah in 2018 attributing 12.5 million Umrah performers from Saudi Arabia and 6.5 million Umrah performers from outside the Kingdom; the practice of Umrah is within its own rights an institution of great magnitude.

In 1999, 1.8 million Pilgrims performed Hajj, reaching its peak altitude of 3.1 million Pilgrims in 2012, again with a steep drop in 2016 to 1.8 million and a steady rise in 2018 to 2.3 million Pilgrims. The industry is fraught with challenges taken up by spirited individuals and companies, working hard to deliver and promote healthy Hajj and Umrah, ensuring the Pilgrims are buffered from the fluctuations of teething industry and receiving the best experience each year seamlessly.

The WHUC is a Celebration for all the hard work and dedication rendered by an industry that has in excess of 50,000 dedicated contributors globally at various levels and backgrounds.